Experimentarium – Science Centre for kids and childish adults

Just a few kilometers north of the city centre Copenhagen is Experimentarium. It’s a science centre that recently opened to the public after a massive renovation. I went there with my nephews (and my camera).

The Science centre is a place where the exhibits are interactive. There are a lot of stuff that shows water, electricity, forces of nature and how it connects to our every day life.

Besides the exhibits there is a building designed by the danish architectural studio Cebra. The building is over all very nicely designed and laid out, but the spectacular atrium takes the grand prize. It has a huge copper clad spiraling staircase dancing through the room with walls covered in chrome like plates.

The Experimentarium Challenge

It is full of color, shapes and people. A great place for bringing your camera and go hunting for motifs. The challenge is focusing on the subject. There are so many subjects/motifs that I found it difficult to isolate what I wanted because there are so many things happening – noise everywhere in terms of exhibits, colors, people, flashing lights etc.


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