Tether Fuji to CaptureOne Pro 10 – Almost

UPDATE 29.09.2018. As of end September 2018 CaptureOne v. 11.3 will have native support for tethering high end Fujifilm Cameras. The following will still work with CaptureOne V. 10 though.

It seems like common knowledge that tether Fuji to CaptureOne Pro is not straight forward. CaptureOne does not have native support for Fuji cameras. Fujifilm have made software that you will need to buy and run in the background to be able to shoot tethered to CaptureOne. Either way it is not just plugging your camera to the computer and start shooting your camera. The X Photographer Eivind Rønne made a video explaining the detailed (and long process) shooting tethered for real with Fuji and CaptureOne.

Here is a step by step solution to almost shooting tethered from Fuji X-T1, X-Pro2 (and X-T2) to CaptureOne Pro 10. Best thing? It’s almost free (that is you need to have bought CaptureOne Pro software and a Fuji X-T1, X-Pro2 or X-T2 camera) and you do not need to be a IT wizard to make it work – just a little basic knowledge of CaptureOne.

Step ONE – Fuji Software

Fujifilm recently released a small piece of software called Fujifilm X Acquire. You need to download the latest version and install it on your PC. Besides that you need to have CaptureOne Pro 10 installed (it will probably work with Ver. 8 and 9 as well but I did not try that).

Installing the Fuji X-Acquire software will give you a small program with a few options. The most important is, that every time you run the X Acquire you need to pick out a “Destination folder”. You do that by right clicking the tray icon and choose “Specify Destination Folder”. This is where your image files will be stored on your PC when camera is connected and you make a shot. And yes… In order for this to work the X Acquire software needs to be running.

STEP TWO – The camera

Make sure to have the latest firmware update installed. Setting up your camera you need to go to the Set-up Menu, locate the USB Mode page and set it to “PC Shoot Auto” and that’s it. You need to turn on your camera and connect it to your computer through USB cable. If you hover your cursor above the X Acquire tray icon it should tell you that you’ve connected your camera.

STEP THREE – CaptureOne

So this part will be slightly more elaborate, but not much. Running CaptureOne you will need to create a Session and not a Catalog. You can save the Session any where on your computer the most important thing is, that you will specify a Hot Folder in the current session. The trick that the Hot Folder you specify is the Destination Folder you chose in Step One.

Time to almost Tether Fuji to CaptureOne

If you have completed these three steps, you will be able to expose an image, and have it immediately imported in to CaptureOne. It is not live but it’s pretty snappy. The drawbacks by this almost tethered shooting method is, there is no live view on your computer and you cannot adjust camera settings from CaptureOne. You still need to do the exposure adjustments, aperture and ISO adjustments on your camera.

So the obvious question is: Can you make the above mentioned setup and remote control your Fuji Camera with the Fujifilm App? The answer is no. When you have your camera connected through USB to your computer, you cannot connect your camera using Wi-Fi to the app.

Let me know if anything is not clear or working… Or if you have found another way of achieving the same.

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