KATEMPRIS – A school for the future Tanzania

KATEMPRIS is the short form of Katabaro English Medium Primary School. The school is founded by a Danish-Tanzanian couple. The school is located in the small village Kayanga, in the Kagera region in the north west of Tanzania. I spend almost three month at KATEMPRIS in the spring 2016. I had been involved in the project from 2010 assisting the founders in drafting out plans for the school layout and now I am trying to crowd fund for a photobook in order to support the school project which I find absolutely amazing in every way.

Background for KATEMPRIS

KATEMPRIS was founded and started in order to offer quality education in a friendly learning environment in one of the poorest regions of Tanzania. The Katabaro English Medium Primary School’s work to develop and use modern teaching methodologies and aids that can have a lasting impact in the community and supporting not only the immediate local community around the school, but also the entire district and the nation as a whole. It supports the UN Global Goal 4 “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”.

The school was inaugurated in 2015 and has since then been growing both in numbers of students, teachers and volunteers but also in number of facilities. At present there is roughly 102 pupils and 7 teachers. When it is fully built it will hold around 300 pupils from age 3 until 12, employ 12-16 teachers besides the staff in the kitchen, the boarding school staff and the administration.

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KATEMPRIS is a school that has the only playground in a radius of almost 100-150 km. They are a school that prioritices education very highly, as the pupils are not required to use the day fetching water, finding firewood or transporting them selves to the school from far away. This is a practice you will not find in many schools in Tanzania that are located outside the major cities.
They insist on providing food, transportation and water. They make an effort to prioritize physical education, arts and good sanitary habits.
Physical punishment is not allowed at KATEMPRIS – something that is widespread in the educational system.

The photographs showed here is an intimate view to the life of the students and the teachers during a 2½ month stay as a volunteer at the school in 2016.

Do you want to support?

You can find more information about the school by visiting their website: www.katempris.org
You can support the photobook and the school through the crowd funding campaign here: KATEMPRIS – A Danish-Tanzanian school for the future Tanzania

You can always reach out to me for more information about the school.

Available material

By supporting the campaign there are different incentives. The main reward is a photo book but you can also get some selected prints.
You can see a sample of the photo book here
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